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Thank you! 🎉

Thank you for your interest in mljar-supervised and for willing to contribute! 👍 😃

How can I contribute? 💪

Reporting Bugs

When creating a new bug report, please make sure to:

  • search for existing issues first. If you find a previous report of your issue, please update the existing issue with additional information instead of creating a new one.

  • please review the template and guidelines and include as many details as possible.

Suggest Enhancements

Please try first to see if an issue exists which describes your enhancement. If there is none, please create the new one with a detailed description. Thank you!

Pull Requests

  • Before any contribution, please reach out and discuss what do you want to implement and how (ideally in the created issue).
  • For code formatting we use Black.

To run all tests locally:

pytest tests 

To run only tests for the selected file (for example, NN algorithm):

pytest tests/tests_algorithms/ -vsx

I add vsx flags to see what's going on.

Documentation 📜

The project documentation is on GitHub at mljar/docs repository. Deployed docs are available at

Contributor License Agreement 👔

Before merging any pull request with code updates, we'll need each person contributing to the code base to sign a Contributor License Agreement here.