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Explainability in AutoML

There are three modes of explanations available in mljar-supervised. The explanations are controlled by explain_level parameter in AutoML constructor.

  • if explain_level is 0 no explanations are produced. Only learning curves are plotted.
  • if explain_level is 1 the following explanations are produced: learning curves, importance plot (with permutation method), for decision trees produce tree plots, for linear models save coefficients.
  • if explain_level is 2 the following explanations are produced: the same as 1 plus SHAP explanations.

Learning curves

The learning curves show the evaluation metric values in each iteration of the training. The learning curves are plotted for training and validation datasets. The vertical line is used to show the optimal iteration number, which will be later used for computing predictions. Learning curves are always created.

Learning curves for Xgboost

Decision Tree Visualization

The visualization of the Decision Tree is created if explain_level >= 1. The dtreeviz is used to plot the tree.

Decision Tree visualization

Linear model coefficients

For the explain_level >= 1 the coefficents of the Linear model are saved in the Markdown report. The example of cofficents is presented below.

feature Learner_1
capital-gain 2.28219
education-num 0.843846
age 0.468591
sex 0.468299
hours-per-week 0.369091
capital-loss 0.279562
race 0.104163
education 0.0546121
fnlwgt 0.0545988
native-country 0.0173909
occupation -0.00958272
workclass -0.102386
relationship -0.154081
marital-status -0.358737
intercept -1.51172

Features Importance

The features importance is computed with permutation-based method (using scikit-learn permutation_importance). The features importance can be computed to any algorithm (except of course Baseline, which doesnt use import features at all). The importance is presented in the plot (top-25 importance features) and saved to the file learner_*_importance.csv for all features. It needs explain_level >= 1.

Permutation Importance

SHAP plots

The SHAP explanations are computed if explain_level = 2. To compute SHAP explanations the shap package is used.

The SHAP explanations are not available for Baseline, Neural Network, CatBoost.

SHAP importance

The SHAP importance example:

SHAP importance

SHAP dependence plots

The SHAP dependence plots example:

SHAP dependence plots

SHAP decision plots

For SHAP decisions plots there are created the top-10 worst and best predictions.

The SHAP decision plots example for the best predictions:

SHAP best decision plots

The SHAP decision plots example for the worst predictions:

SHAP best decision plots