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Fairness aware AutoML on multiclass classification task

Please run the example script to train AutoML on Drug dataset with Gender as sensitive feature.

python examples/scripts/

Code from example script:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

from supervised import AutoML

df = pd.read_csv("tests/data/Drug/Drug_Consumption.csv")

X = df[df.columns[1:13]]

# convert to 3 classes
df = df.replace(
        "Cannabis": {
            "CL0": "never_used",
            "CL1": "not_in_last_year",
            "CL2": "not_in_last_year",
            "CL3": "used_in_last_year",
            "CL4": "used_in_last_year",
            "CL5": "used_in_last_year",
            "CL6": "used_in_last_year",

y = df["Cannabis"]

# maybe should be 
# The binary sensitive feature is education level (college degree or not).
# like in 
# Fairness guarantee in multi-class classification
sensitive_features = df["Gender"]

automl = AutoML(
), y, sensitive_features=sensitive_features)

When using AutoML with fairness aware training for multiclass classification task, fairness metrics are reported for each class value. The AutoML leaderboard with fairness metrics for each class (please open the below image in the new tab for better quality).

AutoML Leaderboard with fairness metric

The report generated automatically after AutoML training: Fairness report