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How can you help?

Do you get amazing results and ML models with AutoML?

Would you like to help with mljar-supervised?

Below are described ways to help.

Star mljar-supervised in GitHub

You can give a star for mljar-supervised repository by clicking a star ⭐ at the top right.

By adding a star, other users will be able to find this package more easily and see that it has been already useful for others. It helps!

Watch the new releases in GitHub

To be notified by email about new releases

You can select "Releases only" in "Watch" button (top right corner).

Connect in social media

Create GitHub issues

If you found a bug 🐛 or have a problem 🚧 with mljar-supervised please create a GitHub issue. You can also suggest a new features there! 👍

You can also try to help others with their issues.

Create a Pull Request 🚀

You can create a Pull Request (PR), for:

  • To fix an existing issue or bug 🐛
  • To add a new feature ✨
  • To improve documentation 📚

Join the chat on Slack!

You can join our Slack channel by clicking this invite link.

You can discuss there Machine Learning topics, ask ML and data questions and watch development of AutoML.

Write a tutorial! 📚 📖

You can write a tutorial for others about how are you using AutoML. You can publish it on:

When you have post ready I would love to read it and give you a feedback. I will also share it in my social accounts and paste a link in the documentation. 👍